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About Us

At MagicEzy, we believe life is something to be enjoyed and not stressed over. That’s why our purpose is to make your surface repair project easy and fun.

Our innovative range of DIY repair products are created in the purpose built production facility in Australia and distributed to households around the world in over 50 countries.

The company was conceived after it’s founder’s boating friends continually complained that repairing chips and scrapes in their fiberglass boat was “too difficult”. He decided to create an easier solution that could deliver magical results…So MagicEzy was born.

After spending more than 20 years building a successful car touch-up business, MagicEzy’s founder is a surface repair expert. And in conjunction with one of the world’s most respected paint chemists, has developed and refined a high quality, chemically superior product for you to enjoy today.

MagicEzy products were originally developed to repair fiberglass (and gelcoat) surfaces. They also provide excellent repairs to other surfaces such as ceramic tiles, stone bench tops and vanity units. To learn more about using MagicEzy products, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or watch our handy demonstration videos.

Here at MagicEzy, we adopt a ‘customer caring’ approach by offering generous guarantees. Making sure you are ‘always winning’ is our focus.

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