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Blinds Repair Solution To Make Your Blinds Last Long

Have you just spent a fortune on clear plastic blinds for your outdoor areas?

Do you want to make sure these blinds last as long as possible and always look their best? 

Blinds can be expensive, that is why we try our best to protect and maintain them. Because once they are damaged, it can greatly affect the overall look of our home.  

But blinds repair is not that easy to do. You need professional knowledge to fix any scratch, chip, or gouge. And if you fail to do it right, you might make the damage worse.

Known for developing products that can fix any items, MagicExy has created an amazingly easy do-it-yourself (DIY) product that can help protect and maintain the look of your blinds no matter what material it is made of – the MagicEzy UV Shield. 

The MagicEzy UV Shield is a revolutionary product that cleans and protects hard and flexible clear acrylic, glass, vinyl, and fabric. It is the perfect household product that will keep your alfresco blinds looking their best. 

It is water-based and nano polymer formula that makes it safe to use and provide long-lasting UV protection that flexes with the movement of clear acrylic, vinyl, and canvas. 

Here’s why it is the best blinds repair and maintenance solution:

  • It is slick and non-stick
  • It has advanced water beading technology that not only repels rain, but releases sand, salt and dust naturally to keep clear surfaces clear.
  • It also improves the clarity of minor scratches in clear acrylics for clearer vision.
  • It provides three months of UV Protection. 

For best results, UV Shield is to be applied to new or near new surfaces to help maintain their appearance.

MagicEzy UV Shield is safe on all soft plastics, vinyl’s, stitching and glass. It comes in a 150ml/5 fl oz spray bottle which with a free purpose made application glove to makes it easy-to-use even on difficult to reach locations. 

Each bottle will protect over 1000 sq feet / OR 100 sq meters.

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