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Do-It-Yourself Fiberglass Repair on Jet Ski Hull

Damage to the hull on a personal watercraft (or jet ski) is a common occurrence for many people. Here is a handy guide to help jet ski owners easily perform DIY repairs.

Even the most cautious rider can easily scrape or chip the hull or may even notice stress cracks beginning to form in the high impact areas.

MagicEzy has made the job of repairing scrapes and chips to the hull easy, thanks to their innovative DIY gelcoat and fiberglass repair products.

Below you will find a demonstration video, a step by step guide and real repair photos.

How to DO FIBERGLASS REPAIR IN a jet ski hull

Tools required:

Before you begin, decide which MagicEzy products to use:

For cavities, gouges or holes, use MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix, which is a medium density filler that cures to a matte finish. Available in 11 colors including black (Midnight).

For stress cracks, shallow scratches or shallow scrapes, then use MagicEzy Hairline Fix. Hairline Fix is more fluid in consistency compared to 9 Second Chip Fix and cures to a gloss finish. It can also be used as a final top-coat over 9 second chip fix repairs to achieve a shiny finish.

For damage near / around the waterline, on areas exposed to shearing forces or on plastic / aluminium surfaces, we suggest using a priming coat of MagicEzy Mega Fusion before applying either Hairline Fix or 9 Second Chip Fix. Mega Fusion will penetrate into the pores of the surface to create even more bond and strength.

Step 1

Clean the area to be repaired with soapy water. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 2

For chips and gouges, apply a priming coat of MagicEzy Mega Fusion, ensuring the damaged area is completely covered with a thin layer. Set with a hair dryer for 2 minutes and let stand for approximately 2 hours.

Step 3

Once the Mega Fusion has dried, slightly overfill the cavity with 9 Second Chip Fix and level off using the scraper end of the tube. Clean the scraper with a tissue and trim any excess MagicEzy using the scraper again. Set with a hair dryer for 2 minutes and let stand for approximately 2 hours. If required, apply a second layer of 9 Second Chip Fix.

Step 4

If a rich, glossy finish is desired, apply a top-coat of Hairline fix over the 9 Second Chip Fix repair. Use the the scraper end of the tube to spread the Hairline Fix. For inverted or upside down areas, a 50mm foam roller and hairdryer may be helpful. In this instance, squirt the Hairline Fix onto the foam roller and begin to roll over the area. Whilst doing this, simultaneously blow warm air from a hairdryer to prevent dripping and help the cure process.

Step 5

To repair any stress cracks, use MagicEzy Hairline Fix as per product instructions.

Step 6

Remove any excess using a tissue or damp cloth.

Step 7

If more coats are required, wait at least 2 hours before reapplying. If temperatures are expected to drop below 20C / 70F, blow a warm hairdryer over the completed repair for about 2 minutes.

Cure time:

Although the repair will appear firm and dry after 24-48 hours, it will continue to strengthen and harden over the next 2 to 4 weeks. Avoid getting the repair wet for 14 days (If necessary, cover area with a temporary shield. Eg. plastic bag, sealed with electrical tape )


  • MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix Midnight color (black), being a filler, cures to a matte finish, which can appear dark grey. If a rich black, glossy finish is required, then a top-coat of MagicEzy Hairline Fix (Midnight) is also required over the 9 Second Chip Fix repair.
  • MagicEzy is recommended for above waterline repairs. Some customers have reported excellent results using MagicEzy in different situations.

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Repair photos

A gouge on the hull of a jet ski caused when loading onto trailer
A gouge on the hull of a jet ski caused when loading onto trailer

A gouge on a jet ski repaired using MagicEzy products
A gouge on a jet ski repaired using MagicEzy products

Customer repair photos

A scrape to the underside of a jet ski hull
The above hull scrape and below repair was sent in by Rick H, Sailsbury, Australia. For this repair he used MagicEzy Hairline Fix in Midnight.

A MagicEzy repair of a scrape to a jet ski hull
Sent in by Rick H, Sailsbury, Australia

About MagicEzy

MagicEzy is unique, because it is a one-part, pre-colored system that is ready to use. This means no mixing or painting is needed and repairs can be performed in a matter of seconds.

MagicEzy products have been developed using the latest nano technology, which provides ultra-strong adhesion. Combine that with flexibility and UV inhibitors and it all adds up to a supremely durable formulation.