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Due to sunlight, overused, and other factors, the vinyl lettering on your boat can peel, chip, and fade among other things. And you might think that replacing the lettering is all you have as an option. But wait, now there is no need to replace brittle, peeling lettering on your boat. You can save time and money by repairing these surfaces thanks to MagicEzy Hairline Fix. 

How do you do vinyl lettering and pin striping repairs? How do you revive the original look of your boat lettering without replacing them? Here is a step-by-step way to do it.


Preparation: Clean the area with detergent and water. Trim off any raised areas of the lettering or decal. Ensure the surface to be repaired is at a moderate temperature and shake the tube before opening. This is an important process as dirt can mix with the other elements while doing the repair. 


Squirt a small drop of MagicEzy Hairline Fix onto the damage. Turn the tube around and gently smooth with the specially designed level on the tube base. If required, clean the level with a tissue and level away any smears.


Repeat step 2 for all additional areas of damage on the lettering or decal. Just like that – in a matter of seconds – the repair is done!

MagicEzy Hairline Fix is not only good in reviving the look of the lettering of your boat. It can also repair hairline or spider cracks. You don’t need to mix it with other chemicals. It is a ready-to-use repair kit. It is very durable and flexes with your boat to help stops cracks from spreading. It is also easy to color match. It is pre-tinted in popular boat and marine colors. 

The MagicEzy Hairline fix is available on Amazon. Order yours today!