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MagicEzy Mega Fusion



  • EASY TO APPLY: No tools required. No mixing needed. Just use soap and water to clean-up the damaged area.

  • LONG-LASTING REPAIRS GUARANTEED: Created using nano technology for ultimate strength and adhesion. 3 year durability guarantee.

  • UV AND WATER RESISTANT:  Suitable for above the waterline use.


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Use as part of an easy two-step process to repair scrapes, chips, and gouges in plastic and aluminum surfaces. Eg. plastic guards, covers, fairings, aluminum painted boat hulls.

First, prime the surface with a thin layer of Mega Fusion and allow it to dry. Then apply a top coat of either 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix or both (depending on the type of damage or amount of gloss required).

It can also be used as a powerful adhesive. Eg. to bond two pieces of plastic together.


Why MagicEzy Mega Fusion

1. Easy to use and apply. It also has a built in applicator with level scraper for easy application. 

2. Applicable on plastic and aluminum surfaces. It can also be used on most plastics. 

3. Ultra strong adhesion. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, the repair will last – backed by a 3 year durability guarantee. 


  • Use on plastic and aluminum surfaces
  • Can be used on most plastics.



  • Ultra strong adhesion.
  • Water clean-up
  • Easy to apply. No tools required.
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Suitable for above the waterline use.

This System was developed by a WORLD LEADING TOUCH UP EXPERT – only follow MagicEzy instructions.

How To Apply Mega Fusion

  1. If using on shiny plastic, rub with an abrasive pad until dull.
  2. Clean area with soapy water, rinse and allow to completely dry.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Mega Fusion into the damage.
  4. Turn the tube around 180 degrees and smooth over the repair with LEVEL.
  5. Use a tissue to remove any excess Mega Fusion
  6. If used as a primer, allow 2 hours (at 70°F/ 20°C) before applying a top coat of either 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix.
  7. If used to bond, allow 24 hours cure time.

Cure time:

Primed in two hours at at 70°F/ 20°C.

If used to bond, allow 24 hours to harden.


  • Dries to a matte finish. If a glossy finish is required, apply a top, finishing coat of MagicEzy Hairline Fix or Chip Fix.
  • If the temperature is above 70°F /  20°C allow the Mega Fusion 2 hours to dry before applying Hairline or Chip Fix. The 2 hours is essential to allow Mega Fusion’s industrial strength to penetrate into the surface below.
  • If the temperature is expected to drop below 20°C / 70°F within the first 24 hours, blow dry the repair with a warm hairdryer for about 2 minutes after each coat.